Once a MOE talmid, always a MOE Talmid! Eatontown alumni are proud of their yeshiva, and keep a connection with their rabbeim, friends, and of course, with the Rosh Yeshiva. With four years of a solid foundation laid in MOE, our boys continue to lead productive lives, whether in a yeshiva in Eretz Yisroel, or with a substantial role in the workforce.

Our rabbeim continue to have nachas from their talmidim, and keep the connection alive through frequest phone calls, visits the the yeshoiva, and ultimately through sharing simchos and accomplishments together.

“Eatontown is such an awesome place. They made me who I am, and I cant thank Rabbi Kaszirer Enough!”

– Chaim Berkowitz, Electrical Engineer, class of 2005

“MOE was a lifeline for our son Moishe. His Rabbeim loved him, and made him feel part of their own family. Today, we are so proud to see Moishe continue learning in Brisk, and we know that when other yeshivos gave up on him, it was MOE who provided him that opportunity

Rabbi and Mrs. Chashuvstein, Silver Spring, MD