A yeshiva environment is crucial to the development of every single teenager – even those who are challenged by the conventional framework of our yeshiva system. But, there was no yeshiva for them.

In 2006, with a strategic plan and steadfast determination, Rabbi Kaszirer opened Mesivta of Eatontown  for these boys. Powered by love and commitment, interwoven with accountability, confidence building, and slef awareness, infused with a burning passion for yiddishkeit and bein adam lachaveiro, MOE’s revolutionary proven approach to chinuch has seen tremendous success for the past 16 years.

Mesivta of Eatontown encompasses every aspect of chinuch. From daily gemara and halacha shiur , to uplifting shabbosos and yomim tovim, visits to gedolim and off-site trips, a focus on bein adam lachaveiro and dikduk in mitzvos, and the accountability which …… the rabbeim at MOE devote their days and nights to nurture, educate, and encourage their talmidim, cultivating each talmid’s unique qualities, and enabling him to achieve their own greatness within.

With tremendous siyatta Dishmaya, MOE has created a channel of hashpa’ah which transcends all barriers. With perseverance and loving dedication, the Rabbeim at MOE have successfully molded hundreds of talmidim guiding them to discover themselves, and realize their unique roles in klal yisroel.

With your help, MOE is excited to greet future talmidim in their new campus, and help the next generation of teens overcome obstacles, and achieve their own greatness. DONATE TODAY!